Great Lakes Rubber's products going to the dogs – literally

Great Lakes Rubber recently secured a contract with Dallas-based BULLYMAKE LLC, a subscription box provider of dog toys and treats.  Great Lakes’ products are super tough FDA-approvable rubber toys made just for the “power chewers” which BULLYMAKE caters to.  High on BULLYMAKE’s supplier criteria list was finding a custom molding rubber company that is also an automotive supplier.  BULLYMAKE’s VP of Operations had spent over 30 years in a Tier 1 automotive supplier and knew the level of care and quality that automotive suppliers were required to meet.  Where better to find a supplier meeting their criteria than SE Michigan and Great Lakes Rubber.

Great Lakes Rubber continues to contribute to a circular economy

For many years, manufacturing at GLR has taken the “green” initiative by ensuring all of its rubber waste is truly never wasted. Scrap from manufacturing processes are given second life as GLR works with rubber recycling facilities to re-purpose the material into things like cushioning for track fields and playgrounds. Currently, over 100,000 pounds of rubber avoids the landfill per year thanks to these recycling efforts.

Great Lakes Rubber celebrates its 40th year of rubber manufacturing excellence

Since its beginnings in 1979 and its incorporation with Mac Valves in 1989, Great Lakes Rubber has taken care of hundreds of customers who rely on their rubber products around the world. From rubber seals holding up in the frigid climate of Alaska to a seat bumper on a Maserati, GLR products are everywhere. While the bread and butter of the company has been mastering the rubber components of a Mac Valve, what is learned there is applied to solutions for other applications.