Great Lakes Rubber continues to support the circular economy by extending its SustainSBR product line.  Our “green” styrene butadiene rubber products now include 70A and 80A hardness compounds: SustainSBR-70 and SustainSBR-80.  These new “green “products complement our initial 55A hardness SustainSBR-55.  Using between 48% and 51% repurposed rubber (i.e. recyclate) these compounds when used instead of virgin SBR significantly reduces unnecessary landfilling and lowers greenhouse gas emissions, power consumption and water usage. Great Lakes Rubber’s SustainSBRs are less expensive, more sustainable alternatives to virgin SBR compounds.

Help protect our environment and consider using these “green” materials in your products. SustainSBR data sheets can be found on the Support – Resources page of our website.

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